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About Edwards Chiropractic LLC

In practice since 1997, Dr. Gregory Edwards first opened a chiropractic office in Northern Virginia before returning to his hometown area to raise his family. We offer you chiropractic care with honesty and sincerity, helping all ages from infants to seniors and everyone in between.

Our Philosophy

We treat you as an individual, listening carefully to understand your level of health and how it affects your lifestyle. If we don’t feel we’re able to help you, we’ll refer you to another practitioner better suited to your needs. If you have a problem chiropractic can help with, we’ll create a personalized plan to:

  • Relieve your pain
  • Correct your problem
  • Strengthen your problem areas
  • Continue your wellness

Chiropractic adjustments are complemented by therapeutic modalities and exercises and soft tissue work to help you get well. Once you’re feeling good again, we’ll talk to you about how to prevent future problems from occurring again by seeing us on a regular basis.

Penn State Proud

Our proximity to Penn State doesn’t just mean we’re proud supporters of the cultural and sporting events there. We also see many students and teachers and participate in school events. Several of our interns are from the Penn State kinesiology program, getting to apply their knowledge in a real-life setting to the benefit of our patients. Dr. Edwards and his wife are alumni of Penn State, from the class of 1991 and 1992, respectively.

Skeptical? We Understand!

Dr. Edwards has shown many people who didn’t believe chiropractic could work for them that they didn’t have to live a life of pain and discomfort. “One of my favorite stories is about a patient I had when I practiced in Virginia. This gentleman’s wife and two children saw me for about a year. She finally made an appointment for her husband.”

“Before I could even say ‘hi’ when we met, he told me that he didn’t want to be here, that he was only here for his wife, and that he didn’t believe that there was any way chiropractic could get him better. I appreciated where he was coming from, but said as long as he was there, let’s see what we can do”

“I took him through a thorough examination and gave him an adjustment. He left and came back a couple of days later for another appointment. I wasn’t sure what to expect when he returned! He immediately apologized for what he’d said on the first visit. It was his pain speaking — he was just so frustrated with feeling poorly for years.”

After one adjustment, he felt better than he had in 10 or 15 years! He became a huge proponent of chiropractic and referred countless patients to us over the years.

There’s no limit to the benefits chiropractic care can give your life! Schedule an appointment today and get on the road to optimal wellness. We also offer convenient Saturday appointments.

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