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Meet Dr. Gregory Edwards

Working with My Hands to Help Others

Chiropractor State College, Dr. Gregory EdwardsI grew up in a health care environment with a family full of dentists. Chiropractic, however, wasn’t a part of my life until I was in college. We lived on a dairy farm, so hard work has always been a part of my background. I enjoy working with my hands and interacting with people. I knew early on that my chosen profession definitely wouldn’t involve sitting behind a desk! I had a neighbor two doors down from our house in the country who was a chiropractor. He was well-respected in the community and seemed to like his chosen profession.

I attended Penn State for business, which gave me a great background for operating my practice today. It was when I was nearing graduation that I started to lean toward the health care field. I shadowed my chiropractor neighbor for a couple of weeks, then went to Pittsburgh and did the same with a chiropractor there. It was after these experiences that I knew chiropractic combined all of my interests.

Helping You Heal, Naturally

Dr. Edwards attended the largest chiropractic school at the time, Life University in Georgia. He was there for over three years and graduated in December 1996. “Since I didn’t have a personal experience with chiropractic before starting school, it was a huge learning experience from the beginning.” Dr. Edwards gained knowledge about the mental connection to our physical well-being and realized the importance of getting to know each of his patients, understanding their unique stresses and lifestyles.

When Dr. Edwards started practicing, he got to put his knowledge to use and continue learning more about all that chiropractic could do. He likes that, unlike invasive surgeries, chiropractic heals from the inside out.

An Honest, Authentic Health Care Practice

Dr. Edwards enjoys working with patients of all ages at our family practice. We pride ourselves on giving health care with integrity. Many disbelievers have come into our office and have turned into believers after seeing all that chiropractic can do. At the same time, if we can’t get you well, we’ll tell you right off the bat and make sure you see a specialist more suited to your problems. Dr. Edwards truly cares about you as a person. As his son said when he was about five years old, “Dad likes helping sick people get well!”

Since graduating from chiropractic college, Dr. Edwards had regularly continued his education by taking courses on a variety of subjects to better serve our patients:

  • Sports injuries
  • Soft tissue work
  • Extremity issues


Enjoying All the State College Community Offers

Dr. Edwards and his wife met while attending Penn State. He graduated in 1991, and she followed a year later in 1992. After Dr. Edwards had finished chiropractic college, they moved to Northern Virginia and successfully operated a practice there for 10 years. They returned to Dr. Edwards’ hometown to raise their children and then had their daughter. Dr. Edwards’ life outside of his practice revolves around our community. Their family spends time attending Penn State sporting events, concerts and musicals and likes to be active outdoors by hiking, skiing and tubing or enjoying the lake.

Edwards Chiropractic LLC is a member of the State College Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Edwards is a member of the State College Downtown Rotary Club, where he raises money for local charities. You might also see us at local community events, reaching out to our community to educate people about chiropractic and health.

You’re warmly welcomed to schedule a cost-free “Meet and Greet” with Dr. Edwards. We’ll discuss the state of your health and determine if we can help you. Book your time today!

Dr. Gregory Edwards | (814) 308-9397